Why Social Media is Crucial to Social Causes

Social networking sites help people communicate with one another no matter their location. Also, social media makes it possible for you to find people you do not personally know but are willing to lend a helping hand. Here’s a quick guide to using social media for social good.

Effective Promotion of Causes

social-mediaSocial media is where things go viral. While companies spend thousands or even millions of dollars for ads on TVs and bulletin boards, you can call attention to your event for less than a hundred bucks. Plus, you get to spend your budget only on people that are more likely to be interested in your case.

This form of targetted online marketing helps non-government organizations spend their budget efficiently. Also, it isn’t even necessary to pay for ads on social media. A good publicity campaign knows how to ‘trendjack’ and get thousands of shares within the day.

Moreover, promoting a donation or educational campaign can be done in a variety of ways. Some organizations might produce an animated video while others will create unique hashtags. And lastly, just creating an event page keeps your event visible online for months on end.

Recognition of Generous Individuals

Many people are willing to donate without ever being acknowledged. However, this doesn’t mean you should stop being grateful for people who give their time and resources to help a cause. Just mentioning their name could persuade them to continue supporting your organization.

Likewise, there are many ways to reward volunteers and sponsors. Some are okay with a mere mention while others like a bit of creativity. Perhaps you can send them personal letters or allow them to interact with you through an online group meeting. Take advantage of Facebook and VPN services to communicate as safely and efficiently as possible.

Learn to utilize websites such as Patreon and GoFundMe. Once you have a social media following, you can redirect anyone interested in financially supporting your cause to these sites. Use both social media and crowdfunding sites to update the community about your organization’s latest humanitarian efforts and keep them engaged.

Overall, social media isn’t as bad as some people think. With more than a billion people using social networks such as Facebook, IG, and Twitter, it’s undoubtedly worth tapping into them to help fund your cause or gather a good number of volunteers. Plus, there’s always the bonus of others speaking about your purpose without asking for anything in exchange.